Yellow Driving Lenses

There is no evidence to support that yellow lens glasses are helpful with night driving, according to a small study by the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Researchers.  Initial tests found no differences in driving simulator results between three pairs of yellow glasses, and that yellow glasses do not improve performance compared to clear glasses.  They found that yellow lens glasses for night driving don’t reduce headlight glare or improve a driver’s ability to detect pedestrians after dark.

The authors suspect that yellow lenses may create a false sense of security.  People who wear them may perceive that their surroundings to be brighter, even though their night vision remains impaired.

“Whether you are wearing yellow, blue, or red lenses, our research indicates that you are basically wearing sunglasses t night and they are not helping you see better, says studies co-author Dr Alex Hwang, a bioengineering researcher at Mass. Eye and Ear.”

Better ways to see clearly at night and reduce glare include dimming the dash light, avoiding looking directly at oncoming headlights. using the night setting, not the rearview mirror, and keeping your windows and mirrors clean.

Conditions such as Glaucoma and Cataracts can contribute to problems seeing while driving at night.

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