Why should I have my prescription safety glasses engraved?

This was a question that occurred to me.  Why would I spend additional money on my prescription safety glasses to have them engraved?

But after talking to a radiologist I completely understand why it is necessary and should be considered when ordering your prescription safety glasses or radiation protection specs.

Say for example you work in a location such as a hospital that all of the staff need to wear eye protection and the frame choices are minimal.  Or the safety glasses are expensive.  Or safety glasses tend to get stolen or borrowed.  If any of these situations sound like you, then you should really consider having your safety glasses engraved to make theft and loss a thing of the past.

With your name engraved down one of the temples, it is unlikely that anyone will get confused about who the glasses belong to.  This is especially important with respect to radiation protection glasses as they are quite expensive.

Another example would be on a construction or mine site where the frame selection for your prescription safety glasses frames are slim, meaning that many of your fellow workers will be wearing the same frame.  To prevent confusion over who’s specs are whose it is so much easier to have your name on them so there is no confusion.

So to answer the question, the pros to having your glasses engraved include:

  • theft is much less likely
  • loss of your glasses is much less likely
  • easy recognition of your own glasses
  • no confusion should your work only have a could of frame options

Please note that the laser engraving isn’t available on all frame types.  It will be listed as an option on the frames that it is available for.

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