Why make ordering your certified prescription safety glasses complicated.

Ordering Prescription Safety Glasses, why does it have to be complicated?

If you are after a simple/easy way to order your medium impact certified prescription safety glasses.  Then Safety Glasses Online is your answer.  Not only do we have an extensive range of quality certified prescription safety glasses, we also have an extremely simple ordering process.

All you need is a current prescription and which frame you would like.  Then you are all set to order online.  You just need to transpose the data off your prescription into the online form and then email us a copy of your prescription (so we can double check the numbers, before the glasses get ordered).

It is also helpful to know that the frame measurements are available under the additional information tab on the frame screen.  We recommend matching your current glasses dimensions as closely as possible.

If all of that is too much for you and you are a bit of a technology avoider then you can either ring and we can put your order through for you.  Or you can email through what you would like and we can set the order up for you.

You needn’t be concerned that you can make a mistake as anything that looks a little questionable, we will contact you to verify your choices.

Benefit from the discounted prices and extensive range to improve you and your employees comfort and compliance.  By choose eye protection that is both stylish and comfortable.  Ordering your new certified prescription Safety Glasses Online.

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