Why I think you should wear medium impact sunglasses.

It is well known that sunlight causes damage through prolonged exposures to ultra-violet (UV) light.  What people don’t have as clear a grasp of is that the damage caused by UV light also happens to the eye.  Which means that your vision can be affected.  If you are not wearing Australian Standard approved sunglasses, then every time you walk outside your eye is absorbing this UV light.  The majority of which is absorbed in your crystalline lens inside your eye, this eventually leads to cataracts.

Cataracts are not the only result of UV exposure.  I am sure you have also seen people with the white bit of the eye starting to grow over the front of their eye.  This is called a pterygium and it is the eye’s way of trying to protect itself against the harsh glare and irritation.  It is not uncommon these days to see cancers on the eyelids or inside the eye.  These are but a few of the possible outcomes that face you, should you choose not to wear sunglasses.

Now that you are frightened enough to consider protecting your peepers, I am going to explain why I think you should wear medium impact sunglasses.  I live in my sunglasses outside, which means I wear them gardening, mowing and doing general home maintenance.  I may not be the most coordinated person but I can’t be the only one that has had rocks thrown at them by the mower of been hit in the face by a branch.

If I hadn’t been sunglasses as protection, my eyes and face would have been damaged, possibly permanently.  I would highly recommend that you make wearing sunglasses a new years resolution and organise a pair if you haven’t already.


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