Why choose positive sealed safety glasses?

Why has your work recommended that you have positive seal safety glasses, over standard safety glasses?


Well the difference between standard medium impact safety glasses and those with a positive seal involves the foam backing to the frame that provides a seal against the face to help block the dust and air-born particles away from your face.


Positive seals are available in both prescription safety glasses and standard ones.  I am going to provide you with examples of both.  For prescription safety glasses many of those that have positive seals- have a gasket with the seal that is removable and in most cases replaceable.  Examples of such frames are the best selling Matador Mojo, PSG Zion, Ugly Fish Cannon and Infinity.  While the Eyres 702 and 718 have the option of coming with Foam – that is stuck to the back of the frame.


The best standard positive seal frame option is the Bolle Rush Plus with the seal.  This frame is available in a normal and petite size great for the teenagers, petite adults and older kids.  They are available in various lens options as well with many special coatings some catering for blocking of blue light that LCD screens emit).


Getting back to the prescription options, I thought it would make it easier to break them up into size options.


Small to medium positive seal prescription safety frames, in order of size.


PSG Zion- removable/replaceable gasket


Eyres 702WF – stuck on gasket on the shiny black frame only (the crystal black frame comes without the foam)


Ugly Fish Slim – Stuck on Gasket (Rx insert for prescription)


Medium to Large positive sealed prescription safety glasses, in order of size.


Ugly Fish Infinity – removable gasket


Matador Mojo – removable/replaceable gasket


Eyres 718WF Undercover – Foam stuck on the frame this frame is discontinued


Ugly Fish Cannon – Removable/replaceable gasket


Eyres 803 Transformer – have to order the gasket separately


Titmus SW07 – removable/replaceable gasket

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