Wearing hearing or head protection regularly at work?

Do you have to wear hearing protection or a helmet regularly at work or play?  If so you are probably sick of the sides of your sunglasses or safety glasses digging into the side of your head, compressed by the ear muffs or helmet.  Well, you will be happy to hear that there is a solution.  Shortened sides on the safety glasses.  Eyres have brought out the Plasma 624 with the shortened sides just for this purpose.


The Eyres 624 Plasma is a stylish wrap-around designed pair of medium impact prescription safety glasses – that has shortened sides.  So the sides stop just behind your ears.  This feature is also handy for people that are sick of the sides of their sunglasses/safety glasses being too long, for the size of their head and nearly going back past their hairline.


The sides of the safety glasses have the sporty wrap fit with rubber grip to help keep them on.  That way you don’t need to worry about them falling off, while you are out and about.


These safety glasses are suitable for sport, construction, mining and manufacturing industries just to name a few.


Why put up with safety glasses discomfort, when you don’t need too?  Order your purpose built safety glasses today.

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