As 2018 is passing at such a rapid rate.  That we thought we should provide a public service announcement, that it is time to use your health fund benefit, as most of the health funds are calendar year.  Which means that you loose the 2018 allocation if you don’t use it before the 30th of December.

So if you haven’t already organised your new prescription sunglasses, safety glasses or sporting glasses.  Then you might want to get a move on.  It is so simple to order, you just need a current prescription, preferably less than a year old.

We should also advise you that the add anti-fog coatings are now available on Eyres safety glasses and you can even have a mirror coating with the anti-fog coating.  The PSG products still have the ability to have the anti-fog coating.

If you have any questions then we are more than happy to answer them for you.