Trialling Bolle Rush Plus Safety Glasses doing garden maintenance

Back from holidays and I was greeted with grass and weeds that ranged from knee to chest height.  Needless to say I was out in the garden to try and find some sort of resemblance of tidiness.  I choose to trial the Bolle Rush Plus with the smoke tint as I heard some good things about coverage.

I also heard from a postie that they are great for keeping the wind out of his eyes. But that is a side issue, back to the weeds.  I don’t know how many of you have dealt with a really overgrown garden?  The ground was wet as we had copious amounts of rain while we were away.  So at least the weeds came out easily but they tend to bring up large clods of dirt with their roots.  Hence having to shake them to get the excess dirt off the roots.  This is where having decent safety sunglasses comes in handy.  I found that I was lucky enough not to get dirt in my eyes due to the large lens, even though there was dirt stuck on the front of the lenses after a particularly serious weeding session.

I know mowing has been mentioned previously but I don’t normally mow grass this tall.  It required going over twice and since the ground was still damp underfoot, I didn’t mow it too short, as I would have got bogged.

All in all the Bolle Rush Plus safety glasses were comfortable to wear, provided ample protection against flying objects and the smoke lens was certainly dark enough to work as sunglasses.  I was quite impressed with their comfort, as they are flexible and lightweight.

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