Treating Chronic Dry Eye

Here is the latest information on treating chronic dry eyes.

Don’t use:

Baby shampoo to get rid of Blepharitis as baby shampoo has been shown to worsen conjunctival goblet cell function, as well as worsening Meibomian gland capping.

Hot compresses with a face washer as it doesn’t retain the heat for long enough.  You need 5 to 10 minutes to make a positive change.

Devices for prolonged periods as can affect our blink rate and increase evaporative dry eye problems.

Do use:

A dedicated eyelid cleaner such as Sterlid or Systane lid wipes.

Hot compress masks for the hot compress to eyelids as they stay heated for long periods than a wet face washer.

Take Omega 3 supplements if the diet is lacking in Omega 3.

Try Optimel manuka honey eye drops/gel

Consider visiting practices that have additional options such as lippiflow, IPL or Blephasteam treatments available.

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