Transition lenses -what are they?

What are transition lenses?  Transition is a brand of photo-chromatic lens that changes colour when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light.  Generally from clear to grey with UV exposure.  Which is why they can sometimes be used as a sunglass replacement.


Transition/photo chromatic lenses all contain 100% UV protection if they conform to Australian Standards.  Some of our Eyres and Hoya products have the option of brown to grey lenses or even polarised photo-chromatic lenses.  Please let us know if there is something specific you are after.


Please note that photo chromatic lenses require sunlight to hit their lenses to initiate the change in lens colour.  Which is why they do not change very much inside vehicles or if you are wearing a large hat.  These lenses are also quicker to go dark than they are to go clear, which is handy to know when you need to inside and out regularly.  


Also please not that Transition is a colour changing lens not a prescription changing lens such as progressive or multifocal lens.  If you need lenses that change prescription for example reading and distance then please order progressive or bifocal lenses. Also note that you can still have transition photo chromatic lenses with these options.

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