Transition otherwise known as photochromatic lenses are lenses that change colour when exposed to ultra-violet (UV) light.  Transition lenses are available in all of the prescription safety spectacles.  The choice of this lens type during the ordering process enables the wearer to have clear lenses when indoors and tinted sunglass lenses outside.  The ability for the lenses to change colour is very handy for people who work both indoors and outside.


The Transition lenses have 100% UV protection even when they are clear.  They do not change much inside the car as we have a UV shield in the windscreen.  This may also affect crane and other equipment drivers.  They can also take a little while to change back from dark to clear.  The newer generation Transition have improved on these issues. Customers are generally extremely happy with the fact they only need one pair of safety glasses rather than purchasing a clear pair and sunglasses.