Support your local safety eyewear supplier.

Do you love to support local businesses? Especially if they are Australian? We do! We are a 100% Queensland’s owned eye protection business, that has been operating since 2013.

Safety Glasses Online was founded in 2013 by Optometrists who believe that ‘Vision is a precious gift that deserves protection’. Emma our founder is a practicing Optometrist and she was seeing the same people visit to have foreign bodies removed from their eyes.

After questioning these patients about why there were not wearing eye protection. Emma discovered that their reasons included lack of style, comfort and the expensive pricing. So, she decided to do something about this and came up with Safety Glasses Online. Your one stop shop for all your eye protection needs. From safety glasses and goggles to certified medium impact prescription safety eyewear that conforms to Australian standards.

The safety eyewear range is very extensive, so you are sure to be able to find something that you like and will suit your needs. Safety Glasses Online also has many blog articles to educate on the need for eye protection and what is available.

Emma also does regular FB lives about new and interesting products as they become available. Along with segments educating about different types of eye protection, coatings, and lenses.

Safety Glasses Online uses Australian suppliers and our prescription safety glasses are manufactured in Australia.

Please support your local eyewear PPE supplier at

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