Sports Eye Protection

For those of you that play sports that require the use of a bat/ball or a racquet. You should think about your eye safety and wether your vision is protected. As sports are a common cause of eye injury, particularly the sports that allow body contact, or use tools, tools such as the balls or bats.

Another thing to remember when playing sport is that sunlight does damage your eyes though ultraviolet light (UV). So you should be wearing sunglasses, at the very least.

Certain sports do have guidelines about regarding eye protection. Such as squash and lacrosse due to the well documented chance of significant visual loss with an injury from these sports. The prevalence of eye injuries in these sports results from the size of the ball and the velocity in which it is moving around. Unfortunately the squash ball fits perfectly in the eye socket, causing a blow out fracture. If a person isn’t wearing eye protection.

Other sports that do have guidelines about what type of prescription eyewear is allowed, be it sports frames or sports goggles. We sell both in numerous sizes. An example of these sports includes Basketball and Soccer both of which have indicated that sports goggles were the recommended choice.

Accidental eye injuries do occur and prevention does require a bit of forethought. But the result of a bit of planning can be life long. So my advice is do not wait until it is too late, protect your vision.

Our sunglasses are medium impact unless otherwise stated, which means that they are required to withstand ballistic testing at 43m/second. This indicated that these lenses are much more likely to protect your eyes than just a standard pair of sunglasses, that does not have any regulation about the lens thickness.

Safety sunglasses have to have a minimum center thickness so that they are impact resistant. Which is how they are different from standard sunglasses. This is the same for both prescription and standard safety glasses. They have regulations that control how robust the frame and lenses need to be.

So while you are out there and enjoying the great outdoors and being active. Please consider your eyes and whether you have them protected to the best of your ability. Because it would be incredibly depressing to be gabbling with your sight.