Spare parts for your safety glasses and prescription safety glasses.

Are you having difficulty finding replacement parts for your safety glasses?  Standard or certified prescription safety glasses. Be it nose pads that have worn out or a new gasket to keep your safety glasses positively sealed.  We might have the part you need.  At Safety Glasses Online we have all of the parts that are available for the safety glasses that we carry available to purchase.  For both our prescription and standard safety glasses, we have you covered.  


From the Matador Mojo replacement gaskets, nose pads and sides; to the Eyres 308 nose pads, they are online and ready to purchase.  Why wear uncomfortable safety glasses 24/7 when you can purchase replacement nose pads at a reasonable cost locally.  We don’t even charge for shipping if your orders over $100.


Better yet why not purchase spare nose pads or other parts, when you order your prescription safety glasses so that you have them on hand like an insurance policy.  So that way you won’t even have a day of uncomfortable safety glasses.


I regularly have people complain that their prescription safety glasses are uncomfortable to wear as their rubber nose pads have perished.  This unfortunately happens regularly, like the tyres wearing out on your car.  But in the warmer humid climates it happens with more regularity unfortunately.  As this climate is very common in much of Australia.

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