Signs do matter

Signs do matter with optical prescriptions, especially when you are ordering your safety glasses online.  It is important to copy the signs exactly – the plus and minus signs through to the prescription entry page on the website.  The other numbers matter too. But if you enter the numbers correctly and make a mistake with the signs, your safety glasses won’t work for you.


The reason being, if you forget the minus signs you will end up with a long sighted rather than the short sighted correction.  Also if you put in a minus sign instead of a plus – you won’t have the magnification that you may need to keep your plans clear.


We advise you to email us a copy of your prescription so that we can double check that you have entered the details correctly.  Just a reminder, our warranty does not cover your entering the prescription incorrectly.  If prescriptions are entered incorrectly the safety glasses have to be made from scratch as safety standards.  We are more than happy to set up your order for you if you like. Email: 

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