Selecting safety glasses for the mining industry

We are starting a new series of blogs on selecting certain safety glasses for certain professions.  The first one will be looking at the mining industry.


To meet the safety requirements for most mining sites you will need to have medium impact certified safety glasses, either prescription or standard, depending on your vision requirements.  


For those working underground, safety glasses that have a positive seal can help to keep the dust and moisture away from your eyes.  In some mines that are quite humid having lenses that are anti-fog and fames that are vented can be of significant benefit.


Different coloured lenses may also be helpful, underground when you are relying on headlamps and overhead lighting clear or yellow tinted lenses tends to be the preference as they can increase contrast.   This is why Eyres brand has a non-prescription model called Mine  313 which has a large wrap-around yellow tinted lens.


For prescription options Eyres has the trendy soft foam backed wrap-around design for 702 Razor Edge or Transformer which can be changed from standard medium impact safety glasses to safety goggles with the addition of a gasket and elastic strap (these extras are included standard with this frame).


Matador has the Mojo, which does the same thing.  There are also the options of the prescription safety goggles – most of these have prescription inserts.  If you do not require a spectacle correction then there are many cheap medium impact glasses to choose from. 


One thing that most people that work around dirt have in common is that it is easy to scratch your lenses.  Some tips that could help your safety glasses last longer.  First make sure you choose a pair that fits your head well as the loose safety glasses will fall off and no doubt fall face down on their lenses and get scratched.


Next make sure your rinse the lenses prior to wiping them, as the mechanical action of pushing dirt or dust around on the lenses causing most scratching.


Please let us know if you have a specific profession preference that you would like to be our next blog feature

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