Eyres 722 Edge Polarised Positively Sealed Safety Glasses


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Eyres have just released the 722 Edge positively sealed polarised safety glasses.  Be one of the first to give these stylish and comfortable safety glasses a try.  They come with a removable foam gasket on the inside of the frame and adjustable temple ends and nose pads.  They are light and comfortable to wear.


These are a new release from Eyres, medium impact polarised grey tinted lenses.  With a positive seal, safety sunglasses.  The Eyres 722 Edge has a sporty wrap-around design and a removable foam back, which makes the glasses have a positive seal. They have narrow temples to make wearing helmets and ear muff easier and more comfortable.

The temple ends and nose pads and flexible rubber and can be adjusted.  This improves the fit and wearability, especially as the frame is light weight.

Order your new Eyres 722 Edge polarised grey tinted, medium impact safety glasses.  They are really safety sunglasses.




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