Safety sunglasses

There is such an extensive range of safety glasses now available, so people no longer have to wear the metal double bridged aviator safety glasses with attached side shields – if they don’t want to.  They can have the more stylish wrap around plastic styles that not only mold into the contours of the face and provide excellent eye safety, but they also look alot like your standard sunglasses. 


It makes sense to have safety glasses as your sunglasses – so long as they conform to Australia’s stringent sun standards regarding UV.  They are not only providing protection against UV damage and associated eye conditions, but also protecting your eyes against damage.  Accidents can happen anywhere as you are no doubt aware and having a lens that is very impact resistant is a great idea.


Examples of situations that you may or may not be aware that your eye safety is at risk include: cycling, sports, spraying chemicals, mowing, whipper snipping, hedging, construction, and gardening just to mention a few.  Therefore it would be much easier  to have sunglasses that were safety glasses so you didn’t have to remember to change them every time your were exposed to a potential danger.


With the very stylish safety glasses available you are sure to find a pair to suit, regardless of whether your need prescription or standard non-prescription safety glasses.  Order your new safety sunglasses online today!

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