Low impact sunglasses are still safety glasses but not medium impact.

  • The Eyres 608-S1-GY B'Have safety glasses are low impact and have a shiny black frame with a large grey lens.  These safety glasses look exactly like ladies sunglasses.  Why only have sunglasses without any safety protection? Why not order your cheap stylish safety glasses online.
  • Order your new Eyres 611 Allure Safety Glasses.  They are available in 3 colours as pictured brown, black and grey with the silver flash lens.  These safety glasses are wrap-around and have a low impact lens.  Why not look cool while being safe?  Order your new Eyres safety glasses online today.
  • Order your Eyres Xccess 614-S1-GY shiny black safety glasses with grey/smoke lens that allows 10% light transmission.  These are low impact safety glasses with a large wrap-around lens.  These environmentally concious low impact safety glasses, they are made of plastic that has lower CO2 emissions.  Order online today.
  • Order your new low impact wrap-around Eyres Safety Glasses 617-S1-GY 4Ever online.  These sylish safety glasses have large wrap-around lenses and a black frame with a silver stripe down the side of the temple.  Order your new Eyres 617 4Ever safety glasses online today.  They are made of the eco friendly plastic called Biooptix that releases less CO2.
  • Order your new low impact on safety sunglasses online.  This Eyres 617-S1G-GY green 4-Ever frame is both stylish and safe while being comfortable safety glasses.  Order your new Eyres 617 4Ever safety glasses online today.    
  • The Eyres 727 Titanic is a pair of low impact floating polarized safety sunglasses.  These sunglasses look just like your standard pair of sunnies. But have built-in air pockets into the frame, so they can float in water.    Order your new polarised floating sunglasses online TODAY!
  • The Eyres 737 Wake is a pair of floating polarised sunglasses with a frame at the top of the lens.  The lower portion of the lens is frame less.  There is a strap with an adjustable toggle at the back to keep the floating polarised sunglasses close to your head.  These sunnies would be great for fishing, beach goers and anything other outside activities that require glare reduction.


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