• Matador has brought out a new style that is unisex and available in 5 colours called RIO.  Well black with different splashes of colour on the arms.  It has a large lens and a wrap around sunglass design.  Order your new prescription safety glasses online TODAY!
  • Price includes Single Vision Lens Eyres 318 Global prescription safety glasses are a more traditional styled safety frame with a plastic front, that is available in two colours. A comfortable & stylish option for people who like spectacle styled pair of safety glasses. These Eyres safety specs comes with permenantly tinted side shields, reducing glare and making the frame more attractive.
  • Eyres 624 Plasma Evo 2 is the perfect pair of eyres safety glasses choice, for those with smaller heads.  That also need to wear helmets or earmuffs routinely, as it has shortened temples/arms that go down the side of your head and stop before going over your ears.  These prescription safety glasses have a wrap around design with a very curved frame front, much like sporty sunglasses.
  • Eyres 319 Oz safety pair of glasses has a more rectangular shaped spectacle appearance.  The Oz 319 Eyres safety eyeglasses are manufactured from polycarbonate and stainless steel, so you can be assured that the frame will be strong and durable.  While still being a very fashionable and durable pair of safety glasses.
  • The Eyres 320 Clearview pair of prescription safety glasses has no metal parts and is constructed completely of polycarbonate.   This makes it a very tough and light frame choice for your eyewear PPE.  This is the perfect choice of safety glasses for Electricians or other workers dealing with electricity.
  • The Eyres Foreman 308 certified medium impact pair of prescription safety glasses.  It has a wider fitting frame made of polycarbonate.  These Eyres safety glasses have a wrap around design making them very stylish prescription safety glasses - fitting much like sunglasses.  They are comfortable to wear and cool to look at.  Different coloured lens shields are available in accessories.
  • The Eyres Razor Rx 708 are a medium sized pair of plastic wrap around safety glasses prescription. That appear like a traditional sunglasses.  The safety glasses frame front is 6-base wrap-around, which means the frame fits the contour of your face, without distorting your prescription. Lens shields are available to click on the frame front, in the accessories section of the site.
  • Eyres Razor Evo 702 is a medium sized pair of wrap around safety glasses. It sports a wrap around design and flexible rubber nose pads situated behind the plastic frame for added comfort.  The Eyres Razor Evo is a very stylish pair of wrap around safety glasses prescription.  They come with medium impact single vision lenses, safety certification to Australian and International standards.
  • The Eyres 803 Transformer frame is a very flexible and cool wrap around pair of safety glasses.  There are gaskets and straps available for this frame, to convert the frame into safety goggles (available in accessories).  It also has a moldable anti-slip arm to keep these very cool safety glasses on your face.  These safety glasses are so handy and look great!
  • The Eyres Blockbusta 605, are prescription safety eyeglasses frames that are available in two very different sizes. Therefore it is suitable for the petite and the larger head sizes, with medium size not catered for. It has excellent side protection and is very comfortable to wear.  These optical safety glasses suit the vast majority of prescriptions and lens types.
  • The Matador Mojo an amazing pair of certified prescription safety glasses; they have a very sporty curved wrap around appearance.  Designed to be wrap around safety glasses, with a detachable gasket and removable sides (that go over your ears) that can be replaced by a strap (which is included in the cost). Polarised lens option is only available with single vision lenses.
  • These Cummings Optical prescription safety glasses frame, is a traditional style spectacle pair of safety glasses, with a square shape.  These prescription safety glasses fit like normal spectacles with adjustable plastic nose pads that can be replaced as needed.  They are available in a medium or large frame size. Polarised lens option is only available with single vision lenses.
  • The AS PSG is an aviator style pair of prescription safety glasses, available in a wide array of sizes and colours.  It sports a double bridge for increased durability and with deep lenses they are perfect for progressive/multifocal or bifocal lenses, along with single vision. Listed price includes single vision lenses and shipping.
  • The Eyres Optix 172 is a spectacle styled pair of certified medium impact prescription safety glasses, with a flat frame front to suit the majority of prescriptions and lens combinations.  So those that have previously had difficulty with distortion of their vision in a wrap around frame this could be the frame for you.  It has stainless steel construction and is available in 3 sizes.
  • Eyres 181 Optix is a square shaped pair of safety spectacles, constructed in stainless steel.  It has welded on, side shields that are permanently tinted.  For improved appearance and eye protection from flying debri.  Select the Eyres Optix in small if you have a more petite head.  A wonderful choice for womens safety glasses.
  • The Eyres Razor Edge 702 prescription safety glasses, is medium sized.  The Razor Edge 702 is a sunglasses style  safety glasses frame.  Positive seal foam cushion on the inside of the frame on the shiny black colour. These prescription safety glasses not only look cool, they are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The foam seal is only on the black colour not the crystal black.


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