Wondering where you can purchase safety glasses?

People are wondering where they can buy safety glasses especially under the current COVID19 situation while isolation is in action.

Online sales of eye protection and safety glasses are contact less and easily accessible.  Why buy from us?  You will be supporting an Australian small business, receiving quality certified products.

Where can you buy safety glasses prescription?  If this is a question that you would like the answer to.  Then you will be very happy to know that you can easily order your prescription safety glasses online, through us.  We sell Australian made prescription safety glasses, that are available with anti-reflective or any-fog coatings.

Here are some interesting questions that we have been asked with respect to safety glasses:

Are safety glasses bad for your eyes?  This is an interesting question, as I imagine that there are instances that wearing incorrect safety glasses or safety glasses with very scratched lenses could be bad for your eyes.

Are safety glasses recyclable? Yes certain safety glasses are recyclable, particularly the type that are manufactured completely from polycarbonate.

Are safety glasses tax deductible?  That would depend on your job and work situation.  This question is probably best to ask your accountant, as the taxation rules on deductibles are changing all of the time.  But for the most part if you work outside you should be able to claim a pair of sunglasses be they prescription or standard every year.

Are safety glasses UV protection?  If you safety glasses lenses are made polycarbonate, then your safety glasses provide 99+% UV protection.  If your safety glasses have tinted lenses, then yes your safety glasses will provide 100% UV protection if they have been sold by a reputable retail outlet in Australia.

Are safety glasses required in a warehouse? The answer would depend on the type of warehouse.  For manufacturing warehouses, I would think that medium impact eye protection would be important.  Dust protection might also be advisable and is available for many of the different styles, both prescription and standard safety glasses.  Either attached or as an extra option.

Are safety glasses required by OSHA?  Yes, most work sites do require you to wear eye protection.

What safety glasses do I need?  The answer to this question really is dependent on the job that you need to do.  For example if you are working in a dusty environment, you need to have positively sealed safety glasses.  Preferably with an anti-fog coating, to enable clear vision for longer periods of time.

Are safety glasses reusable? At Safety Glasses Online we only sell quality safety glasses.  So, they are definitely reusable.  You can increase the life of your safety glasses, by taking good care of care of them.  Washing them before wiping the lenses clean, so not to scratch the lens by wiping them when they are coating in dust and debris.  When lenses are scratched they are much more difficult to see through.

What safety glasses do I need?  If you work in construction, mining or manufacturing then you will need medium impact safety glasses and should you wear prescription glasses to see.  Then you should be wearing certified medium impact prescription safety glasses.  If you work in hospitals or other medical fields then for the most part you can wear low impact safety glasses, as you are less exposed to high velocity particles.  You OHS manager should be able to confirm what type of safety glasses you should be wearing.

Which safety glasses are the best?  In my opinion the ‘best’ safety glasses are those that do the job that you need to do, are comfortable to wear and have clear vision with no obscuring of your peripheral vision.

What safety glasses does OHSA require? Different roles require different safety glasses and therefore eye protection.  For example those working with radiation such as radiologists or radiographers require safety glasses that do not have impact protection, but they do need to have protection against radiation.  While those working in construction and manufacturing require medium impact 1337.1 or 1337.6 for medium impact prescription safety glasses.

Which safety glasses are the best?  We believe in selling only quality safety glasses.  That are made be reputable companies that are well recognised for quality and innovation.  Such as Bolle, Uvex, Honeywell, Eyres and Ugly Fish to name a few.

Which safety glasses to buy?  How do you know which safety glasses to buy?  Well we would recommend that you buy the best quality, lightest weight and most comfortable pair that you can afford.  Preferably with lens coatings to improve the quality of your vision, such as anti-fog or anti-reflective.

What are safety glasses?  Safety glasses are glasses that have been designed to protect your eyes from impact injuries, splashes with chemicals and dust and debris.

What are safety glasses made of?  Polycarbonate features highly as a material used to make safety glass lenses, along with some frames.  Nylon and other plastics have also been used for moulding safety frames.

What keep safety glasses from fogging up?  Lenses fogging up is one of the most annoying aspects of spectacle wearing.  Certain safety glasses have an anti-reflective coast as standard.  Others just have a hard-coating to protect against scratches.  There are after-market anti-fog sprays or gels available, I have yet to find one that works 100% of the time.

When safety glasses should be worn?  Safety glasses should be worn while we are working with chemicals, doing DIY, construction, mining, manufacturing and gardening.  Basically anytime that your eyes could have dirt, dust debris or flying particles hit them.  Eye protection is even more important when you are welding or using an angle grinder.

Can safety glasses damage your eyesight?  Not wearing safety glasses can lead to permanent vision damage.  Safety glasses are made of materials that are very impact resistant so that they will not break on impact with flying debris.

Can safety glasses affect your vision?  Safety glasses can affect your vision positively, in that they can save your eye sight.  The only time they could impair your vision is when the lenses are too scratched to see through, but only while you are wearing the scratched safety glasses.

Can safety glasses be recycled?  Yes some safety glasses can be recycled.  Though not all of them.  Safety glasses that are all made out of the same type of plastic, for example polycarbonate.

Can safety glasses stop a bullet?  In Australia safety glasses undergo ballistic testing which means that they can survive a ball bearing dropped on the lens at a certain speed.  If a bullet was the same weight and velocity then I would assume that the safety glasses would be ‘bullet proof’ but I don’t imagine that is the case for all types of bullets.

Can safety glasses make you dizzy?  Prescription glasses can make people dizzy initially while you are getting used to a new prescription.  So prescription safety glasses may make you dizzy initially, but after the adaption period the dizziness should stop.

Can safety glasses give you a head ache?  Prescription safety glasses could give you a head ache, if the prescription was incorrect or you were getting used to a new prescription.

Can safety glasses be tinted? Yes certain prescription safety glasses can be tinted.  Or they can have transition/photo-chromatic lenses or even polarised lenses which are tinted like sunglasses all of the time.

Which safety glasses are the best?  We love safety glasses from Bolle, Uvex or Eyres and consider these the best brands available.

Which safety glasses to buy? We recommend safety sunglasses for gardening and yard work, except for mowing where a positive seal is a good idea.  We like the Bolle and Eyres magnifying bifocals for just having ready in the shed when you need to measure something.  Safety glasses with a premium coating so that they do not fog up easily, like the Bolle Rush Plus.

Prescription safety glasses if you need glasses to be able to see clearly.

Why are safety glasses important?  90% of eye injuries are preventable, and some of these can lead to permanent vision loss.  So safety glasses are incredibly important protecting your vision from possible permanent damage.

Why safety glasses should be worn?  At Safety Glasses Online we believe that vision is a precious gift that needs to be protected.  We need to wear safety glasses to protect our vision from possible permanent damage.

Why wear safety glasses?  If you choose not to wear safety glasses then the result may be loss or damage to your vision, that could be permanent.  Wearing safety glasses provides a barrier between your eyes and the environment, thereby providing protection against injury and vision loss.

How long should safety glasses be worn?  Safety glasses should be worn while you are performing tasks that may lead to eye damage.  Prescription safety glasses should be upgraded every 2 years at the very least, or anytime that your has changed.  You need to replace your safety glasses when the lenses are scratched enough for it to affect your vision.

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