Safety Glasses for wider heads

There are some among us who have lots of brains and therefore a larger head.  We are constantly asked which frames suit the larger heads.  Within the prescription range the older style AS PSG double bridge with attached side shields is a favourite with people who like the traditional styles as these come in many sizes and one of them is a large eye size.


Within the more modern wrap around styles there is less to choose from with the Eyres Indulge being a good option.  As this frame looks like sunglasses and have nice wide sides for extra protection.  So is therefore stylish and comfortable to wear.


The Robot frame has the ability to increase in width by moving the sides out to the further options.  This frame has a nice large lens and no metal parts, fantastic for people that need to have a non-conductive pair of safety glasses.


Standard safety glasses are generally one size fits all.  Most of these frames have a bit of flexibility within the frame, but some will certainly be snug on people with larger heads.


Your best bet is to try and match your current width of your glasses with the safety glasses measurements.  You can measure the width across the front of your frame in millimeters and read the measurements on the safety frame you are interested in and try and get them to be in the ball park.


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