Safety Glasses for those working with or near magnets

This is an article for those of you that work with, or near magnets.  As you are no doubt aware metal, is not your friend.  So when you are choosing your protective eyewear, you really need to be conscious of what the safety glasses are made of.

We have made it super easy for you, by having a filter for frames that have no metal parts.  As the non-conductive filter pulls up frames that are all plastic, though some do have metal screws within the frame.

When you are working with the strong magnets, such as people that work with the MRI machines, even a tiny little screw used to hold the temple on to the frame, could be a problem.

So if you have to work in or near strong magnets, you really need a pair of safety glasses that do not have any metal parts.

We have the no metal parts in the safety glasses filter for both the prescription and non-prescription safety glasses.


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