Safety glasses for the Landscaping Industry


Have you thought about your eyes, when organizing you PPE?  Medium impact safety glasses are vital when landscaping due to the high probability of high velocity impact injuries.  Dangers that would be encountered daily include as timber while chain-sawing, rocks while whipper-snipping and mowing, to name a few of the more obvious dangers.


If you did think about eye safety, an area that may not be thought about while selecting your safety equipment, involves the use of spray equipment.  Safety goggles or positive sealed safety glasses may be a better option due to the ability to protect against aerosols and dust.


When using a ride on mower or whipper-snipper I have found that there is always debris that ends up in the air.   That or low hanging branches hit you in the head.  Standard safety glasses without the positive seal (a gasket inside the safety frame) will not keep this out and it can be quite difficult to keep working when you can’t see clearly.  The same goes for whipper-snipping except the chance of being hit by a high velocity stone goes up exponentially.  So other than protecting your eyes and providing a fashion statement, they can also increase productivity.


The possibility of being hit by a branch while mowing or even weeding in a garden should not be discounted.  Especially when the garden has cycads or other spiky plants.  Plants and dirt can carry fungi and water can carry Acanthamoeba these are a couple of the most difficult eye conditions to treat.  This is another instance where prevention is much better than the cure.


Using the backhoe, dingo or just using a spade the possibility of dust/dirt or stone impacts is higher.  Safety glasses like the Eyres Oddie, Goggle and Transformer can be a good option.  Safety glasses don’t have to be expensive to work and with the large range that is available there is no valid excuse for not protecting your eyes.


Long story short, please wear safety glasses or safety goggles when gardening/landscaping, preferably medium impact safety goggles or positive sealed safety glasses.  At Safety Glasses Online our safety glasses all adhere to Australian and New Zealand safety standards and the prescription ones come certified (AS/NZ 1337.6).