If you have a latex allergy, you need to be very careful about your plastic choices.  We have investigated as many of our range as possible and can now give you the outcome.  None of the Eyres range either standard or prescription contains latex.  Nore the Matador, Ugly Fish, or Onguard ranges contain any latex.  We have also investigated our positively sealed range so that we are able to let you know which have no latex with 100% certainty.  These frames include these positively sealed prescription safety frames:

The PSG Blaydz wrap around the prescription frame has a gasket at the back of the frame and also an adjustable strap.  This strap is also removable and both the gasket and strap are replaceable.

The PSG Zion which is a more petite frame suitable for the smaller heads, though it does still fit the medium heads.  It has a gasket at the back of the frame to provide a seal between your face and the frame.  The Zion also has a removable and adjustable strap. Both the strap and gasket are able to be replaced as they wear out.

The Onguard OG220FS fully sealed positively sealed prescription safety glasses.  That comes with an adjustable strap.  Both the gasket and strap are able to be replaced.

The Onguard OG220S frame that is a favourite with nurses.  This frame is available in 2 different sizes and many different colours.  The OG220S has a seal at the top of the frame, creating a barrier between your forehead and the frame.

The Trifecta prescription safety frame has detachable gasket and temples that click out to be replaced with sides that have an adjustable elastic strap.

By having an adjustable strap means that you can keep your prescription safety glasses close to your face, this is especially important when you have to wear a mask with a metal band across your nose.

Long story short concludes that essentially all of the safety glasses we sell do not contain latex.  We have yet to 100% confirm with Uvex and Bolle, but as latex isn’t a strong plastic it would not be used to create safety glasses as they need to withstand impact to be certified medium impact AS/NZS 1337.6.