Safety glasses for office workers or people who use computers regularly.

Do you work in an office and are required to wear safety glasses?  If so, you will be happy to know that there are special coatings and lenses, now available to make your job easier.  For those of you, that have to use a computer or screen regularly you should know that the blue light that they emit, isn’t good for your eyes.

Following on from this, you will be happy to know that there are special blue blocking coatings.  Available on standard safety glasses and also on the certification prescription products.

The Bolle Rush Plus safety glasses, have the option of contrast and ESP coatings added.  These special coatings are added on to these fabulous safety glasses. 

There are anti-reflect and blue blocking coatings available, on some of the prescription safety glasses products.  These coatings also get rid reflections from lights on screens and help with oncoming head lights, night driving.

You should also know that there exists, the option of having occupation progressive lenses fitted into your safety glasses.  These lenses have the ability of having the computer distance clear at the top and reading clear at the bottom.  The occupational lenses, have wider corridors of clear vision that the standard progressive lenses.  As they only have 2 rather than 3 prescriptions ground into the back of the lens.

The lenses only have the 2 prescriptions, so  don’t expect to see clearly in the distance.  Which means that you can’t walk around in these lenses.  But the benefit of having the wider corridors, means that you can see more of your screen in focus without turning your head.  The most important benefit of this type of  over a standard progressive lens, is that you don’t need to tilt your head, to be able to see the computer screen clearly.

There is head tilt required, in a standard progressive lens to see the computer clearly.  But with an occupational progressive lens, the intermediate portion of the lens is in front of your eyes in neutral position.  This means that you won’t get as many sore necks, from the strange head position required to work on a computer in a full progressive lens.

To summarise, if you work in an office or somewhere that requires you to see intermediate clearly, much of the day.  You could benefit from having a occupational progressive lens, that puts the intermediate (arms length distance) in front of your eyes.  Along with an anti-reflective or a blue blocking coatings.

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