I don’t know about you, but I am missing the sun.  2022 seems to have rained for most of the year so far. (At least on the Sunshine Coast QLD – which has forgotten how to be sunny).


How do we wear our eye protection in these sorts of conditions?  Well, if you are working inside, then other than the ridiculous levels of humidity where anti-fog coatings are your best bet.  Otherwise, you probably need some advice.


For those of you working outside in the rain.  How do you keep your glasses clear of water so that you can clearly see through them?  Well, hats with visors can help, as can rain jackets with hoods.  As the visors work as a barrier to keep the water from hitting the lenses.


But what to do if these options aren’t available?  Well, then you are left with having to wipe the lenses.  The problem with wiping the lenses other than the fact that you must take the eye protection off to do this involves the cloth you are using the clean them.  If it isn’t clean, then you are quite likely to scratch or smear your lenses.  Which can affect your clarity of vision and also the longevity of the safety glasses.


So, what to do?  You will need to carry at least one clean and hopefully dry-cleaning cloth.  We use microfiber cleaning cloths (our own branded one is made up of >70% recycled plastic).  These cloths can be washed in your washing machine, making them an economical option.


Should you need any cleaning materials for your safety glasses or glasses in general.  Then you just need to look under the cleaning tab.


My fingers are crossed, and I am doing an anti-rain dance to try and see more sunshine.  Wish me luck.