What is important, when choosing your eye protection?

After interviewing loads of work place safety officers, I now have a really good understanding of what is priority to their workers.  Previously, I had thought that comfort and ease of vision were the priorities.  Along with this I  found out that, the weight of safety glasses can be a deciding  factor when purchasing, as they will be sitting on the person’s nose for anything up to 14 hours a day.  So those few extra grams, can make a real difference between a comfortable experience and an extremely uncomfortable wearing experience.

Further to comfort while wearing eye protection, can be a simple as having nose pads that are adjustable.  So please consider what is important to you and your staff when ordering new eye protection.

Fogging of lenses was another big issue, previously I had thought that keeping the lenses clean was the biggest issue.  But what I found was that particularly in Queensland having the lenses fog up is a serious issue.  So much so that people have been known to take their safety glasses off and work unprotected if the the lenses continuously fog up.

Please note that there are many prescription and non-prescription safety glasses options, that either come with an anti-fog coating.  Or have the option to have an anti-fog coating applied, particularly with various prescription styles. The range that have this option is growing as the labs have noticed it’s importance.

When you are choosing your safety glasses, please consider comfort, coverage of your whole eye area including the eye socket.  You need to be aware that there can not be large gaps between the frame and your face as debris can fit between the two and cause damage.

It is also prudent to choose eye protection that is of a good quality, a known brand and not something cheap that may not have undergone the same rigorous testing.  As your vision is a precious gift that deserves protection.

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