Focusing on protecting your eyes is just 5 easy steps:

What steps do you need to take to protect your eyes now and into the future?


Wear eye protection

If you wish to take care of your eyes, protecting them from physical injury.  There are a significant number of people that suffer from work-related eye injuries each day, with a high percentage needing medical assistance.  Be that a visit to the Optometrist or GP or a trip to the hospital.  Eye injuries can also happen while playing sports or working around the house.  These injuries can damage the eye permanently and also put the eye in danger of infection.  Always wear the appropriate eye protection in situations that might put your eyes at risk, whether at work or play.


Don’t forget your Sunglasses

While you are getting into the habit of wearing eye protection, don’t forget to shield your eyes from the sun.  Damage from sun may not be as visible as physical trauma, it can be just as serious.  Over time, the sun can harm vision and contribute to serious eye diseases.


UV light isn’t just harmful to your skin it is also harmful to your eyes.


Look at your diet

Eat for your eye health.  Traditionally carrots help support eye health, but there is a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that are beneficial.  Antioxidants like lutein and vitamins A, C, and E can help prevent macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, and other conditions.  Dark-colored fruits and vegetables like spinach, peppers, sweet potatoes and others are good sources of these nutrients as are nuts and seeds.


Give your eyes a break

If your screen is your constant companion, be it your phone, tablet, or computer.  After a particularly long day of screen-gazing, you might notice blurred vision, headaches, dry eyes, and other symptoms of eye strain. Experts recommend following the rule to have a break every 20minutes by looking into the distance.


Regular eye checks

It is important to visit your optometrist regularly to make sure that your eyes are healthy, and your vision is as clear as possible.  By having clear vision you are more likely to see obstacles in your path before they become a problem.

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