Protecting your eyes from exploding glass

Are you a refrigeration mechanic? Then you need to keep your vision safe from exploding glass. Your vision is a precious gift, that deserves protection. Your vision is much better safe than sorry.

I was chatting with an Australian refrigeration company, and they make sure all their staff has safety goggles with anti-fog coating. They are close-fitting with adjustable straps (completely sealed). The reasoning behind this choice of protective eyewear relates back to an incident where one of their refrigeration mechanic’s faces was peppered with glass including his eyes when a glass door exploded.

As safety goggles are completely sealed condensation can be a problem, causing the lens to fog up. Fogging can obstruct the view making it difficult to complete work or navigate safely. Anti-fog coatings work by reducing the surface tension of the condensation, preventing it from forming droplets, and thus keeping the surface clear. This helps to maintain the clarity and visibility of the contents, enhances the appearance of the display, and ultimately improves the customer experience.

For people that work with or around refrigeration, you know that not all anti-fog coatings are created equal. Bolle has a Platinum coating that has been tested to work the best for people going in and out of fridges. It should be noted that even the best anti-fog coatings do not last indefinitely.

During COVID Optometrists like many professions were required to wear a face mask until just recently. So those of us that need to wear glasses to see know all about fogging up lenses.

Lenses fogging can be annoying but with respect to safety eyewear, it can be downright dangerous. As you could become disorientated when your vision is impeded, make a mistake, or fall.

For those of you who fogging is a problem you will be happy to know most prescription safety glasses have the option of adding anti-fog coating onto the lenses. Which I would highly recommend if have ever had any issues with fogging.

There are normal safety glasses that are also available with anti-fog coatings. Please bear this in mind when ordering your eye protection. With respect to prescription safety glasses, you can have both anti-fog and anti-reflective coatings.

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