Box 5 pairs Uvex Ultrasonic Firemans Goggle


The box of 5 pairs of Uvex Ultrasonic firemans goggle, is a red framed goggle with clear lenses that are coated with both anti-scratch and anti-fog.  Both the top and bottom venting is reduced. Using both hard and soft materials these goggles are comfortable to wear.  Order your new pair today!


The Uvex Fireman’s Ultrasonic goggle has optimised the interior space so that they fit over most prescription glasses.  Rx inserts are also available at additional cost.  These red goggles are comfortable to wear by the clever use of both hard and soft materials.  There is reduced venting both superiorly and inferiorly on the goggles and both anti-fog and anti-scratch lens coatings.  Order your new pair of Uvex goggles TODAY!


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