Uvex Meteor 9134 Prescription Safety Glasses


These Uvex Meteor safety glasses have been around for ages.  They have a moulded frame front, that is quite flat.  Which means that you don’t have to worry about distortion that can occur from the curvature of the lenses.  Or having to replace nose pads regularly.  As they are no nose pads.  These safety glasses prescription are suitable for single vision, bifocal and progressive lenses and even higher prescriptions.  They meet Australian and International standards 1337.6 medium impact.  The listed price includes clear single vision lenses, safety frame, certification and shipping.

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The Uvex Meteor is a plastic (non-conductive) pair of certified safety glasses prescription.  With a flat frame front a wide temples that wrap-around the face to provide protection.  As this frame has a relatively flat frame front, it is perfect for the bifocal, progressive a higher prescriptions.   Listed price includes clear single vision lenses, certification and shipping worldwide.

The only metal part of the Uvex Meteor frame is the screw holding the side onto the frame front.   As the frame has a plastic bridge this, makes it a comfortable safety frame as the frames weight is spread across the whole nasal bridge.  Much like your standard plastic sunglasses frame for wearer comfort.

You can choose to personalise your safety glasses.  With special coatings and lens options, including anti-fog and transition.  Though there are many other options, such as polarised, if you would like them to be sunglasses.

An excellent choice for those who like safety glasses with the comfort of a plastic frame, but more stylish in design than the older UVEX styles.   Get your prescription ready and order your new safety glasses online TODAY!

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