Box of 5 pairs Uvex 9308 U-Sonic Vented Safety Goggles


Order your new box of 5 pairs  Uvex 9308-251 or 9308-255 U-Sonic vented, grey/lime coloured safety goggles.  They come with either clear or grey tinted supravision lenses with both hard and anti-fog coatings.  Order your German made Uvex safety goggles online today.


The Uvex 9308 u-sonic safety goggle has an innovative soft seal.  That adapts to the face for a customised, non-irritating fit without pressure points. The unrivalled anti-fog lens coating ensures that these compact wide-vision safety goggle boasts an impressive Relief Index value of 4.40 in comparison with other wide-vision safety eyewear.

The U-Sonic is a compact, lightweight full-vision goggle.  The compact design makes it fully compatible with other PPE, such as helmets.  With an innovative ventilation system ensuring comfortable internal goggle environment.

Lens replacement to the U-Sonic is possible.  These safety goggles only weigh 69g.  They have a low profile, wraparound design that fits a wide range of facial shapes.

The soft seal frame technology adapts to your face for a customised fit.  Therefore the U-Sonic protects against liquid droplets/splash and large dust particles.

The lenses have permanent anti-fog on the inside of the lens, and scratch resistant on the outside.   Along with splash proof coatings.

There are wide fully adjustable head strap, for a secure pressure free fit.  Order your new Uvex safety goggles online today.

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