Box of 5 pairs Uvex 9194 i-works THS Safety Glasses


Order your box of 5 pairs of German made Uvex 9194 i-Works safety glasses online.  These safety glasses are cheap, comfortable and have large wrap around lenses.  These 2 models come with the THS anti-fog coating (the HC3000 just hard coated models are also available on the website).  The lenses are either clear or grey tinted.


Uvex i-works 9194-571 or 9194-572 safety glasses have a semi-rimless frame design.  Which means that they have exceptional clarity of vision.  They are available with clear and grey tinted lens options. So you would have both the day and night sorted.  As Uvex is selling boxes – you would have 5 pairs of these quality German made safety glasses.

The frame design and the medium impact safety rating, makes them suitable for so many industries and applications.  Including mountain biking, construction and health industry.

Order your new THS anti-fog coated Uvex safety glasses today.

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