Box of 5 pairs Uvex 9194 i-works HC3000 Safety Glasses


Order your new box of 5 pairs Uvex 9194-471 or 9194-472 HC3000 coated German made medium impact safety glasses.  Available in both clear and tinted grey lenses.


The Uvex 9194 i-works safety glasses, have a sporty design and panoramic lens for great lateral vision.  With unrivalled Uvex patented lens coating technology used.  The Uvex HC3000 is a hard coating to prevent scratching, is included in these safety lenses.

The listed prices is for a box of the i-works 9194 hard coated lenses.  Which means that you receive 5 pairs of these safety glasses.

There is also a pair of i-works safety glasses with anti-fog coating.  That is listed within our range, if fogging up is a problem.

These Uvex safety glasses have soft grip side arms, making them ultra comfortable to wear.  The design is known to be stable, and have a non-slip fit.  Along with low profile side arms, and practical hanging cord attachment option.

The i-works safety glasses are 100% metal free.  Perfect for those working with electricity.  Order your new 9194 i-works safety glasses online today.

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