Box of 5 x Uvex 6108 i-3 add Safety Glasses


Love your Uvex 6108 safety glasses but need a bit of magnification to be able to read or do your closer work?  If so you will love the new i-3 Add safety glasses.  Order your new box of 5 pairs Uvex i-3 add safety glasses available in 1.00 and 2.00 magnifications.  The bifocal is blended in the bottom of the lens – so they don’t look like bifocal lenses.


Order your new box of 5 x Uvex 6108-210 or 6108-211 i-3 add bifocal safety glasses with the clear supra-vision coated lenses.  These are Uvex magnifying bifocal safety glasses.

These lenses have both the hard and anti-fog coatings.  Making them easy to see through and difficult to scratch.  The Uvex i-3 add has magnification at the bottom of the bifocal lens.

The Uvex i-3 Add are magnifying safety glasses, that have a blended bifocal design.  Which means that you get your magnification, without the line to indicate that they are different to a normal pair of safety glasses.

They are available in different magnification powers.

You just need to select the correct magnification to suit yourself.  The i-3 design is very light pair of glasses, making them comfortable to wear.  They have very large lenses, which providing excellent eye safety.

Uvex safety glasses, are made in Germany.  You can only purchase Uvex products by the box, so you get 5 pairs.

Order your new Uvex i-3 Add safety glasses online, through Safety Glasses Online.

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