Ugly Fish Sparkie Clear Prescription Safety Glasses


The Ugly Fish Sparkie metal-free, certified medium impact safety glasses.  These safety glasses are perfect for Electricians or people working with magnets.  They have a stylish design and a relatively flat frame front.  Making them perfect for both prescriptions.  The prescription range available for the Ugly Fish Sparkie is +6.00 to -10.00 DS (for the Matt black frame and clear side shields).  The other colours have a normal prescription range.  The listed price includes frame, single vision prescription lenses, certification and shipping within Australia.



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The Ugly Fish Sparkie is a stylish safety frame that comes with an adjustable strap, that clips into the sides of the frame.  The Sparkie frame has no metal parts, making it perfect for Electricians or people working with magnets.  These prescription safety glasses only come in one colour, matt black and clear.  The listed price includes medium impact single vision prescription lenses, safety frame, safety certification, and shipping worldwide.  Certified to AS/NZs 1337.6 standards for Australia and New Zealand.

The prescription range for this frame is +6.00DS to -10.00DS and -6.00D Cylinder (with the matt black clear side shields only)  The other colour options are only available in the normal prescription range. This is the clear coloured frame.

Order your new metal-free Ugly Fish Sparkie, medium impact certified prescription safety glasses.

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