Ugly Fish Harpoon Prescription Safety Glasses Black/Brown Coloured Frame


The Ugly Fish Harpoon safety glasses prescription is a wrap-around frame that looks very sporty.  It is available in 2 different colours and is suitable for larger heads.  It is also lightweight and comfortable to wear. This the black/brown coloured frame.

Note: Polarised Lens Extras are NOT available with Bifocal lenses

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The Harpoon safety glasses by Ugly Fish are super stylish.  (Why not use them to protect your eyes during sport/work and play?)  It is available in 2 colours matt black and black/brown woodgrain. This is the black and brown woodgrain coloured frame.

The listed price includes the Harpoon frame, clear single-vision prescription safety lenses, certification, and shipping.

The Harppon frame is suitable for single-vision, bifocal, and progressive/multifocal lenses.  If this safety frame takes your fancy, order your new pair of medium-impact safety-certified 1337.6 safety glasses TODAY!

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