PSG Cobra Blue positively sealed prescription safety glasses


The Cobra safety glasses prescription is a wrap-around pair of positively sealed safety glasses.  They have a sunglass style, a curved frame front to fit into the face’s contour to aid eye protection and comfort. It has flexible temple ends that go over the ears like most sunglasses to hold these prescription safety glasses close to the head.

This is the blue frame as pictured.

They are also positively sealed and non-conductive.  This frame comes with a detachable adjustable elastic strap, so you know they will stay where they’re meant to be.

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The PSG Cobra is a new positively sealed, prescription safety frame made by PSG.  They are non-conductive and come with a removable gasket and strap.  They are very sporty and stylish in appearance.

This is the blue frame as

The Cobra frame by PSG actually has a narrow size bridge to go over your nose.  Which means that you can wear these positive sealed medium impact safety glasses, without dust or debris bouncing under the frame.

PSG has a lab in NSW to manufacture their lenses, so they tend to have a very rapid turn around on their safety specs.

You can have to choose a black or blue coloured frame.  These are very stylish and comfortable safety glasses.  They are suitable for single vision, bifocal or progressive/multifocal lenses.  The listed price includes medium impact clear single vision lenses, safety certification and shipping world wide.

The lenses are certified to Australian and New Zealand standard of 1337.6 medium impact.

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