Pentax Blue Wrap-around Prescription Safety Glasses


The Pentax frame makes an amazing pair of certified prescription safety glasses; they have a very sporty curved wrap around appearance.  Designed to be wrap-around safety glasses, with a detachable top of frame gasket and the adjustable detachable elastic strap is included in the price. This is the blue frame.

Polarised lens option is only available with single vision lenses.

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Pentax has made an amazing pair of prescription safety glasses, that have a very sporty appearance.  Designed to be wrap-around safety glasses, with a detachable gasket, and an adjustable elastic strap.  How useful and cool do they look?  The strap helps to keep them on your head, but coupled with the gasket makes them a positively sealed pair of safety glasses.

With a sunglasses style fitting for comfort, the contoured design fits into the cheeks and protect the whole eye socket.  The Pentax safety frame would make attractive prescription safety glasses, with exceptional side vision.

This is the blue frame.

The Pentax frame has soft nose pads that your standard pair of plastic sunglasses don’t have. Which means that they have added comfort and wearability. It is also available in two different colours so one of them is sure to suit you.

The listed price includes single vision medium impact 1337.6 safety standard prescription safety glasses, Pentax frame, certification, and shipping.

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