Matador Siege black prescription safety glasses


The new Matador Seige is a stylish plastic pair of safety glasses, that look very much like, stylish glasses.  It has large rectangular lenses with clear attached side shields.  There are nice wide sides for extra protection, but they also suit this very stylish pair of safety glasses.  Order your new black Matador Siege NOW.

Polarised lens type is only available for single vision lenses.

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The Matador Siege is a trendy pair, of matt black or clear plastic safety frames.  They have no nose pads, to wear out.  Matador brand have impressed us, again with their take on the modern pair of safety glasses.  They no longer have to be unattractive or uncomfortable!

These safety glasses could double, look like normal spectacles from the front.  They have a large lenses with a rectangular design. This is the black coloured frame.

It is easy to turn them into safety sunglasses, by adding one of the lens extras such as polarised or tint, making them into medium impact 1337.6 Australian Standard safety glasses, that are tinted grey all day long.

Transition lens option is also available.  It is nice to know that choosing safety glasses, these days you aren’t limited to having basic clear lenses and squinting outside.  The majority of normal lens options that are available when ordering normal spectacles are available to be added on your safety glasses.

The newest generation of transition lenses is an example of one of the extras available.  If you couple with an anti-reflective coating, the transition changes faster.  The coating speeds up the time for the lenses to change colour and also reflects light away from lenses; this is particularly useful when working on the computer or night driving.

Tinted lens option is available in all lens types, single vision, bifocal or multifocal to turn your safety glasses into sunglasses.

Order your new Matador safety glasses today!

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