On Guard Leader OG-220 FS (Full Seal) Prescription Safety Glasses


Order your new non-conductive, black and transparent OnGuard OG-220FS positively sealed prescription safety glasses, online today.  These frames suit mining, building, construction and dusty environments.  There is a gasket at the back of the frame making them positively sealed.   The listed price includes the Onguard OG220FS Leader frame, certification, medium impact prescription lenses, making this frame suitable for construction and mining.

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The OnGuard OG-220FS Leader prescription safety glasses, are mainly clear. This means that much of the frame is made of clear material.  Which is fantastic news as one of the most common laments is that frame is in the field of view.  As the frame fits like sunglasses, it is very comfortable to wear, all day long.  This model has a complete dust seal, making them positively sealed.

The frame is non-conductive and the nose pads are replaceable.  It also comes with a removable adjustable elastic strap.

These Leader safety glasses are also wrap-around and non-conductive. While also being stylish and comfortable to wear.  The Onguard 220FS provide excellent eye protection and safety with a slightly curved frame front.  As the majority of the frame is clear, the vision from the OG-220FS is unparalleled.

The OG-220FS frame was designed with the medical profession in mind.  These safety glasses will keep much more of the blood and fluids out of your eyes, than standard spectacles.  While also providing superior eye protection.  This doesn’t mean that the OnGuard OG-220FS use is limited to the medical industry.  Though any doctors or nurses that are sick of getting things in their eyes.  These could be the safety glasses for you.  Though to keep everything out of your eyes, safety goggles would be the best option.

This frame has the prescription range of +8.00 to -10.00DS and -6.00 cylinder.

The listed price includes the OnGuard 220FS Leader safety frame, single vision prescription lenses, certification and shipping.  Order your new OG-220FS certified safety glasses online.

Order your OG-220FS Leader certified medium impact, positively sealed prescription safety glasses online today.

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