Eyres Yarr1 703A-C1-PG Polarised Safety Glasses


The Eyres Yarr 703A-C1-PG has a frame at the top of the safety glasses and the lenses do not have a frame around the bottom of them.  They are a large wrap around pair of of safety glasses and in this model with the crystal black frame they have grey polarised lenses.  Order your new Eyres Yarr 703A polarised safety glasses online.



Eyres 703A Yarr polarised safety glasses, have a sporty wrap-around design with ample eye protection.  They look much like golf and cycling sunglasses, with medium impact safety lenses.  The large lenses are also handy, as a wind break to stop your eyes watering if they are getting wind in them while you are outside.  Order your new pair today.


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