Eyres Razor Rx 708 Prescription Safety Glasses


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The Eyres Razor Rx 708 are a medium sized pair of plastic wrap around safety glasses prescription. That appear like a traditional sunglasses.  The safety glasses frame front is 6-base wrap-around, which means the frame fits the contour of your face, without distorting your prescription. Lens shields are available to click on the frame front, in the accessories section of the site.

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The Eyres Razor Rx 708 is a very cool and sporty pair of wrap-around safety glasses.  These cool safety glasses are suitable for prescription lenses- most of them actually, as it has a 6 base curve.  Which means that the lenses aren’t as curved as they appear.  This frame isn’t suitable for the higher prescriptions or for people that have previously had difficulty with wearing wrap around glasses.   If you have any concerns contact our highly qualified staff and they will be able to guide you through the ordering process.

The Razor 708 has an adjustable rubber comfort bridge situated behind the plastic frame and straight temples that curve into the sides of the head to hold them on.  This frame is predominantly made of polycarbonate, while the temples have a rubber ridge on the lower edge to allow for more traction to help keep the frame where it is supposed to stay, on your head.

The clip-on shields are wonderful for protecting the expensive prescription lenses from scratches and impact marks.  So for minimal extra cost is it worth ordering a few spare shields.  You don’t even have to stick to just the clear ones; shields are available in clear, yellow, grey, polarized grey or 50% brown tint.  The 50% brown lenses is also known as the indoor/outdoor lens.  These can be added to your order at a minimal additional charge.  Making this frame a very versatile and flexible pair of safety glasses.  For example you can clip on the polarized shield to make them into sunglasses.

*Accessories available for this frame include 4 different colour shields that can be purchased as extras starting at $20 each.

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2 reviews for Eyres Razor Rx 708 Prescription Safety Glasses

  1. Phillip Madden

    5 years ago I purchased a set of Eyres 708 Razor Safety Glasses and they have proven to be both durable and comfortable. I work in the chemical industry and are required to wear these glasses all day, every day at work. I am surprised how well they have lasted over the years with the only part I have had to replace is the nose bridge which, thankfully, are still sold. I had a lot of options for safety glasses and prioritised comfort over others which seemed more stylish at the time. I have been really happy with choosing these particular safety glasses and would recommend them to anyone who place functionality and comfort first Well done Eyres

  2. Daniel

    A short followup about the razor 708 safety glasses. I’ve worn them to work under my motorcycle helmet for the past three days, using both the clear and polaroid lens shields.

    They have been very comfortable to wear, the short arms working well both with the helmet and with ear muffs. The prescription is very clear and I really like having the extra screens to protect the lenses.

    I look forward to dealing with you again when they need replacement.


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