300 pairs Eyres Photochromatic 120 Ditto Safety Glasses


300 pairs of Eyres 120 Ditto is a pair of safety glasses that has a wrap around lens that is photochromatic.  Which means it changes colour with exposure to sunlight.  The lenses change from natural grey to a sunglass grey (charcoal frame) or a day to night lens (brown frame) coloured sunglass lens enabling them to protect your eyes from dawn to dusk.  As this frame has been discontinued by Eyres we can only offer lots of 300, with a lead time of 4 months.



The Eyres Ditto 120 semi-rimless photo-chromatic safety glasses, are just that, medium impact safety glasses with photo-chromatic lenses.

You need to order a box of 300 pair to get these (the listed price is for 300 pairs, including shipping), as they have been discontinued.  It takes about 4 months for the 300 to be made (as the manufacturer has to do a special run), so that needs to be factored in.

The lenses are light grey inside and go to a pleasing sunglass grey colour out in the sunlight (if you choose the grey/charcoal frame).  Alternatively if you choose the brown frame, the lenses go from light to darker brown lenses in sunlight.

The frame is semi-rimless, which means it is only running across the top of the lens.

The Eyres 120 Ditto are safety glasses that are very sporty in appearance and comply to medium impact safety standards.

You can choose to have a charcoal frame with the grey (neutral grey to darker grey) lens or Metallic brown frame with the Eyres day to night lens.

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