Eyres 952-SMG-PG Allblack Polarised Safety Sunglasses


The Eyres 952-SMG-PG Allblack has a black frame has polarised grey lenses and grey detail down the sides of the temples.  These medium impact safety glasses appear like standard sunglasses, but with the benefit of superior eye safety. Know your eyes are totally protected while looking great. #Wehavegotyoucovered


The Eyres 952 Allblack polarised safety glasses are medium impact and very stylish.  It has a black frame with grey detail down the side and it’s model is: 952-SMG-PG.

Why do your safety glasses have to be ugly, why not have a cool pair of safety glasses that you can walk off the work site and still wear them and not be concerned about your appearance.  These sunglasses are striking in appearance and do not look like your standard safety glasses.  Why not order a pair TODAY!

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