Eyres 950Rx Semi-Rimless Gullwing Prescription Safety Glasses


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Eyres wrap semi-rimless around prescription safety glasses with a high front curve allowing for an excellent field of vision.  They are not suitable for people who have prescriptions over -/+2.00 or Cylinder over -2.00.  If your prescription is higher than these numbers then please choose the full-frame version.

These safety frames are suitable for single vision or progressive lenses.  You can also get them tinted with polarised grey or choose the transition lens option.  Please note you can not have the anti-reflective coating with transition lenses – just clear.

Please note that these safety glasses are taking 2-3 weeks to be manufactured.  Any of the other Eyres frames are manufactured faster.

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These cool new wrap-around Eyres safety glasses have a stylish design, that fits into the contours of the face for excellent eye safety.  The Eyres 950Rx Semi-Rimless Gullwing has a semi-rimless lens design.  Which means that there is no frame at the bottom of the lens.  This means that you have an excellent visual field, without obstruction.

This means that the Eyres Gullwing 950Rx semi-rimless is perfect for both safety and sporting activities.  Such as cycling, motor-sports, mining, construction, and building just to name a few.  This list is not exhaustive, there are so many options, many I probably haven’t even thought of yet.

The Gullwing’s temples have a bit of spring in them, much like sporty sunglasses.  This means that the frame is super comfortable to wear.  Which is great news as we tend to have to wear eye protection, 24/7.

The frame front also has a bit of a curve at the top and bottom to limit the access around the frame.  All in all, these are attractive safety glasses that are comfortable and functional.

The Eyres 950Rx Semi-rimless Gullwing wound makes excellent safety sunglasses or even clear certified prescription safety glasses.

Please note that this frame works best for lower prescriptions and is not suitable for prescriptions greater than -/+2.00 and cylinder -2.00 as the lenses end up too thick on the edges.  Also please note that these are taking 2-3 weeks to be completed, regardless of coatings.  Please also note you can not have an anti-reflective coating and transition lenses.

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2 reviews for Eyres 950Rx Semi-Rimless Gullwing Prescription Safety Glasses

  1. Lachlan Kennedy (verified owner)

    I bought these primarily for mountain biking, and other outdoor activities where glare reduction isn’t specifically a priority. It’s very difficult to find prescription glasses of a similar style with no factory tint. I took a gamble and made the order without having tried them on.

    Having received them (in less time than i was expecting) i am extremely pleased. They are extremely comfortable, and the fit and finish is first rate. The lenses are high quality.

    I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

  2. Lance Young (verified owner)

    I ordered these for work on a mine site. The fit and feel of these are really good and the weight is lighter than full frame glasses.

    I highly recommend the 950RX and the service from Safety Glasses Online is excellent.

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