Eyres 950Rx Gullwing Black Prescription Safety Glasses


Eyres wrap 950Rx Gullwing around prescription safety glasses with a low front curve allowing suitability for a wide range of prescriptions. Also making them an option for people who have previously had problems with distortion due to the high curvature of wrap around frames.  These safety frames are suitable for single vision, bifocal, higher prescriptions or progressive lenses. This is the black coloured frame.

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These cool new wrap around prescription safety glasses, have a stylish design that fits into the contours of the face, for excellent eye safety.  The Eyres 950Rx Gullwing prescription safety glasses, have the option of changing the lens inserts to have flatter base curve.  To make them suitable for a wider range of prescriptions and lens types.

The temples have a bit of spring in them, much like sporty sunglasses.  The frame front also has a bit of a curve at the top and bottom to limit the access around the frame.  All in all, these are attractive safety glasses are comfortable and functional. This is the black coloured frame.

The Eyres 950Rx Gullwing is available in either a 6 or an 8 base curve in the matt black colour.  But there is also a semi-rimless option that only has frame at the top of the lens.  Please let us know in the notes which of these options you would prefer.

The Eyres 950Rx Gullwing would make excellent safety sunglasses or even clear certified prescription safety glasses.

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