Eyres 724Rx Absolute – Certified Prescription Safety Glasses


The 724 Absolute from Eyres is designed to withstand high impact situations, due to its design and flexibility.  It is a stylish sporty design.  It is made from flexible thermo rubber and TPEE materials that provide amazing comfort, flexibility and protection.  The superior wrap around frame provides excellent coverage for the wearer.  Medium impact certified to AS/NZS 1337.6.  These are an attractive pair of safety glasses, that are comfortable to wear.

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The Eyres 724 Absolute, is a new frame on the block and is one of the trendiest safety glasses available.  The frame itself has lots of flex and is wrap-around.  It has a really sporty appearance, making it the perfect choice for both work and play.  These Eyres safety glasses come medium impact certified (unless your prescription is outside the range that is certified.)

Talk about comfortable, if you love the feel of wearing your sunglasses.  Then you will be happy to know that these Eyres safety glasses, fit the same way.

While being exceedingly stylish, this frame is suitable for single vision and progressive/multifocal lenses.  Which means that the Eyres 624 Absolute is perfect for the vast majority of people.

Order your new Eyres 724 Absolute medium impact, certified prescription safety glasses online, today.  The listed price includes clear single vision prescription lenses, certification and shipping.

These quality safety glasses have been tested to 45 meters per second (163km/hr).  The lenses are 9 base curve, for exceptional clarity and distortion free vision.

It was designed with Industrial, construction, sport and fashion applications in mind.  These safety glasses are perfect for work, while also being trendy enough to wear offsite.   Prefect for sports or even just as prescription sunglasses.

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