Eyres 628-SMG-PG Indulge Polarised Safety Glasses


These Eyres safety sunglasses look very much like the normal surfer sunnies.  They are polarised safety glasses that are medium impact but they certainly don’t look like normal safety glasses.  Why not have safety glasses that are comfortable and stylish? Order your new pair today.


The Eyres 628 Indulge are a very stylish pair of safety sunglasses with wide sides for excellent eye protection.  This frame also has a large lens for an excellent field of view.

These sunglasses also offer medium impact protection.  Which means that you can take your sunglasses onsite and off.  As they are comfortable and stylish, you don’t need to change your safety glasses for work and play.  Which makes them an absolute bargain.

Polarised lenses means that the reflected glare is a problem no more.

Order your new Polarised Eyres safety glasses online NOW!


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